Location: Taipei, Taipei City,Taiwan, Province of China
Opened on: November 18, 2013
Eco-Essential Pen is a fine writing instrument that you’ll be proud to call your own. Its solid construction in aluminum and bamboo barrel are pleasing to the senses. Engineered for Hi-Tec-C, G2, & Japan-made Pencil core, also plus stylus, all are making this pen ideal for working between paper & e-paper. Bamboo exudes comfort and serenity, it matures in 4~6 years and self-replenishes after harvest. The natural texture personifies professional luxury and executive style. In addition to being ecologically-responsible, bamboo is renowned for its light weight and superior strength. With its contribution to comfort, bamboo remains nice-to-touch at any ambient temperature, and you'll appreciate its light weight and better protection against nicks & dings. Writing with it is an absolute joy! * Product Family: ● Eco-Essential Pen ● Eco-Essential Pencil ● Incognito Edition – Dark Finish Pen & Pencil * Corporate website:
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