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Location: East Hampton, New York,United States
Opened on: September 16, 2013
Leading designer of innovative, fun, and stylish peel-and-stick wall decor. Always REMOVABLE, REUSABLE and NON-TOXIC. Made in the USA. Seen on NBC's Today Show.
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videosample 01 $58.00
Chalkboard Panels

Window-sized chalkboard panels can cover the wainscoting your little ones love to draw on and sti...

videosample 01 $36.00
Rococo Chalkboard Decal

If Queen Elizabeth could've owned a peel and stick chalkboard decal, she'd have chosen this one f...

videosample 01 $54.00
Dottilicious Wall Decals

Create a different wall for every day. Your options for a pack of polka dot wall decals are endle...

videosample 01 $44.00
Paper Airplanes Wall Decals

Decorate your room with colorful paper airplanes wall decals designed to encourage creativity and...

videosample 01 $54.00
Nightly News Owl Wall Decals

Decorate your child's bedroom to resemble a friendly forest grove and create the original sleepy ...

videosample 01 $36.00
Big Apple Chalkboard

Nothing says, "Write a recipe on me!" more than a classic apple chalkboard decal that looks good ...

videosample 01 $14.00
Chalkboard Superstar

You're a superstar, baby! These chalkboard star stickers add instant sparkle anywhere you could u...

videosample 01 $48.00
French Bull City

Beep beep! Add instant energy to your nursery, playroom, or classroom walls with a booming peel a...

Chalkboard  Wall Decals
Chalkboard Wall Decals

WallCandy Arts peel and stick chalkboard wall decals are removable, reusable and non-toxic. Made ...

Removable Wall Decals
Removable Wall Decals

Innovative and stylish peel and stick wall decals that are removable, reusable and non-toxic. Mad...

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