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Location: Detroit, Michigan,United States
Opened on: November 21, 2012
Katie and Morgan met freshman year of high school. On a band trip to London (that's band as in marching, not band as in the Arcade Fire, we aren't that cool) they shared their secret crushes, embarrassing stories, love of fashion, and dream of one day owning their own store. It's been eleven years since their clarinets, now abandoned, brought them to London and closer together as friends. Proms, colleges, boyfriends, and international world travel behind them, they are pleased to bring you Visceral Enrapture. Each item of jewelry is hand crafted by Katie from vintage and contemporary pieces. Scouring vintage jewelry retailers and the maze of Seoul fashion markets, Katie brings her eclectic aesthetic to our one of a kind accessory collections. While many can play the clarinet, few can claim to have a unique piece of jewelry all their own.
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