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Location: Washington, District of Columbia,United States
Opened on: October 11, 2012
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Saint Clair Jewelry

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videosample 01 $38.00
Tiered Wooden Necklace

This 2 tiered rustic necklace is made of square wooden beads, recycled industrial brass, and raw ...

videosample 01 $52.00
Hive Necklace

This intricate necklace is made up of various sizes of raw industrial brass hexagons, supported b...

videosample 01 $26.00
Pink Disk Earrings

Pictures earrings are made of coral painted African beads, gold finished metal, and supported by ...

videosample 01 $32.00
Fringe Earrings

These earrings are made up delicate pieces of recycled industrial brass fringe, supported by bras...

An Artist at Work
An Artist at Work

Saint Clair Jewelry Designer, Cameron Archer, talks about the creative process, her dog Zephyr, a...

Hive & Fringe
Hive & Fringe

Want to know how to accessorize and spice up an everyday outfit? Need a few statement pieces for...

Wood & Turquoise
Wood & Turquoise

Feeling simply organic today? Saint Clair Jewelry designer shows off the design elements behind t...

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