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Location: Washington, District of Columbia,United States
Opened on: November 04, 2012
JEM signature scarves are all handmade for women and men. They have a draped luxury look with an effortless cool. They can be worn several different ways - on your neck, around your shoulders, worn as a tunic, as well as, a hood on your head. It will make your outfit pop. JEM founder and designer, Jennifer Elizabeth Miller, selects fabrics that either has an amazing pattern, eye catching color or a beautiful feel. Miller is a new designer that has already made her scarves a favorite in her local city of Washington, DC. DC bloggers and local fashion shows alike are noticing these casual yet sophisticated scarves and excitingly enough they are now being brought to you worldwide.
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Featured Video: Unisex Tie Dye

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videosample 01 $65.00
Unisex Aztec Infinity Scarf

Did you love the aztec look this summer as much as I did? Don't let the cold winter months hold ...

videosample 01 $60.00
Houndstooth Wool

Scarf from video. Bold Statement Piece. Houndstooth wool blend. Sample. One of a kind. Dry ...

videosample 01 $75.00
pinkNpurple Infinity

Fascinating eye catching pink and purple design. Be the conversation starter. Cotton-poly knit G...

videosample 01 $70.00
La Bougeotte Infinity Scarf

Featured on Fashion Law Week Runway Show! Cotton-poly blend. Gorgeous statement piece. It's re...

videosample 01 $65.00
Grey Paisley Infinity Scarf

Cotton Blend. Beautiful fabric that can be worn any season and can be worn in so many ways. One...

videosample 01 $80.00
Houndstooth Infinity Scarf

Statement piece. Can be worn day to night. Bright tomato orange red and blue houndstooth. Show...

videosample 01 $60.00
Spotted Infinity

Light weight in the circle scarf style. Hand wash cold. Fierce. Photo Credit: Jennifer Drobly...

videosample 01 $60.00
Rainforest Lush

Vibrant colors that work day to night. Looks great as a head scarf, around your neck or even try...

videosample 01 $40.00
Green Aztec Infinity

Effortlessly cool. Super soft and cozy. Wear it as an infinity, cowl, shawl, or even a vest. T...

videosample 01 $55.00
Corduroy Infinity (Unisex)

Soft stretch light weight comfy gray corduroy infinity scarf. Casual cool. Color Available: Li...

videosample 01 $65.00
JEM SnakeSkin Infinity

LAST ONE LEFT. Stunner on the DC Runway! Handmade and countless countless ways to wear this l...

videosample 01 $50.00
Unisex Teal and Black Stripes

Only 1 Left. Gorgeous pop of color on anyone who wears this JEM Scarf. Smart enough for the off...

videosample 01 $40.00
Unisex Gray&Black Bamboo

Cotton blend. Gorgeous as a cowl. Comfy and soft. Check the guys out in it on Instagram! @t...

videosample 01 $60.00
Black and White Leopard

This can be worn as a head scarf, around your neck, if you are daring as a top as shown in the pi...

videosample 01 $65.00
Baby Pink & Purple Tie Dyed

100% rib cotton. A DC fashionista favorite and purchased by a well known DC blogger. This item ...

videosample 01 $70.00
Always Black&White Infinity

Light weight t-shirt cotton feel. 100% cotton. One of a kind IT Girl statement piece. Dry clea...

videosample 01 $65.00
Royal Blue Infinity Scarf

Please watch the video for all of the versatile looks. The fabric is so soft and flexible. This...

videosample 01 $60.00
Lilac Roller

Wear it as a head wrap, belt it, tuck it into your sweater, tie it around your neck, and make it ...

videosample 01 $55.00
Chandeliers Infinity

Do you own every kind of infinity scarf but always want more? This one is for you. It's eye cat...

videosample 01 $40.00
Bright Blue Infinity

Same beautiful bright royal blue as the scarf featured in the How to Wear Long Infinity except th...

videosample 01 $40.00
Quilted Infinity

The models and customers at the Crystal Couture event and Charleston Fashion Week could not get e...

videosample 01 $75.00
B&W Clock Tower Infinity

This pattern makes me think of Alexander McQueen. Incredibly interesting pattern for anytime of ...

videosample 01 $75.00
Rich Blue Ribbed Infinity

Soft and gorgeous blue - the right blue with black or any color. One of a kind. Cotton-poly...

BOLD Infinity Scarves
BOLD Infinity Scarves

Statement pieces that are sure to get you noticed in the best way possible. Click on all tabs to...

How to Wear Video!  Long Infinity Scarf
How to Wear Video! Long Infinity Scarf

Check out the how to wear tutorial! Countless options with this chic scarf.

Light as a Feather
Light as a Feather

Quick and pretty! Silk like weight. Anytime gorgeous. Click on the tabs for designs! On set...

Winter Scarves
Winter Scarves

Tribal Pattern Fleece Scarf Hand wash cold

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