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Sarah Coventry costume jewelry pendant necklace
Sarah Coventry costume jewelry pendant necklace

Statement necklace - a vintage piece by Sarah Coventry. Thanks for looking!

videosample 01 $320.00
Blue Bird Cuff Bracelet

The marriage of the brown copper and blue turquoise beads gives to the cuff bracelet his uniquene...

videosample 01 $89.00
Roxy Bracelet

Raw crystallized pyrite cubes, layers of plated brass chain *Silver version * 9" adj * Handmad...

First Video! WWII Propaganda Ring
First Video! WWII Propaganda Ring

Buy my ring, please and thanks :)!


Carmen Eliam’s perspective as a jewelry designer comes from living in Africa, France and the US. ...

videosample 01 $116.00
Revelations Ring

A contemporary, bold, elegant cabochon handemade copper wire ring with blue sea beads

videosample 01 $68.00
Revelations Earrings

This funky, chic and jazzy handmade chiffon earrings is the fusion of copper wire and blue sea be...

videosample 01 $340.00
Reiki Necklace

Elegante, bold and twisted handmade copper wire Reiki necklace represents the universal energy. ...

videosample 01 $60.00
Reiki Ring

Beautiful and perfect copper wire handmade fleur ring for all seasons, this ring is designed with...

videosample 01 $380.00
Maya necklace

The Maya necklace is the ultimate statement piece. Instantly take any outfit from humdrum to WOW ...

videosample 01 $95.00
Glass Block Bib Necklace

Emerald cut glass and small pops of soft color strike the perfect balance between masculine and f...

videosample 01 $68.00
Grillage Earrings

This unique, bold handmade chiffon earrings is part of Carmen Eliam Grillage collection. Made of...

videosample 01 $360.00
Grillage Necklace

Hibiscus handmade necklace is part of the Carmen Eliam jewelry Grillage collection. Made of vibra...


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