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Walhub: A functional face plate
Walhub: A functional face plate

Walhub is a functional face plate that provides storage for the objects that often come and go wi...

Removable Wall Decals
Removable Wall Decals

Innovative and stylish peel and stick wall decals that are removable, reusable and non-toxic. Mad...

videosample 01 $70.00
The Altered States of America

An illustrated map of America populated with the legendary events and characters from popular sci...

Chesapeake  Cottage
Chesapeake Cottage

Custom curtains and pillows.

No. 1126 Adjustable Wine Satchel
No. 1126 Adjustable Wine Satchel

No. 1126 Wine Satchel - Inspired by our honeymoon drinking red wine and riding horseback across...

videosample 01 $5,000.00
Formal sofa and chairs

JEFFCO silk and carved wood sofa and 2 chairs set. Purchased from Danker in 1999.

videosample 01 $19.80
OKOPURE (4-Pack) 40 Refill

OKOPURE (4-Pack) 40 Refill tap water filtration bottle saves 98% on bottled water plastic waste. ...

JEFFCO silk and wood sofa and chairs set
JEFFCO silk and wood sofa and chairs set

Silk and carved wood sofa with 2 matching chairs purchased from Danker Furniture in 1999 for $10,...

The World Known TooferMe Inc Leashes
The World Known TooferMe Inc Leashes

Now you can put a new leash on life! TooferMe™ created a revolutionary leash system that allows o...

videosample 01 $54.00
Dottilicious Wall Decals

Create a different wall for every day. Your options for a pack of polka dot wall decals are endle...

videosample 01 $58.00
DropCatch Porter

The DropCatch Porter is designed from a solid slab of Walnut wood. The senior model has 60 pounds...

Stick It – The Magnetic Gallery
Stick It – The Magnetic Gallery

Magically display your style with this completely unique and novel concept The Stick It provides ...

videosample 01 $148.00
Apple Pink Removable WallPaper

Design walls that pop with classically cute removable wallpaper that adds energy to any space, bi...

videosample 01 $79.00

The Trioh! is the first flashlight designed to be displayed anywhere in your home. No more search...

videosample 01 $79.95
KLADIS | Concentric shade

KLADIS features another shade type designed to fit on the same frame. The concentric shade has i...

Filomena de Andrade Booth
Filomena de Andrade Booth

Strong composition, visual texture, bold use of color and trusting her intuition are just some of...

videosample 01 $9.95
Set of Three Cat Toys Balls

A set of three different cat toys. One has three balls, the other a foil ball, a little crinkled,...


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