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Location: Washington, District of Columbia,United States
Opened on: October 27, 2012
Carmen Eliam’s perspective as a jewelry designer comes from living in Africa, France and the US. From her rich cultural influence and reverence for the Earth, she developed her unique handmade and bold jewelry style utilizing recycled copper, reclaimed beads and stone beads. The products are truly unique and include assortment of copper earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, bags, rings, belts and much more. All of her signature jewelry pieces are made from copper wire, a bio magnetic element with therapeutic benefits believed to heal body cells. We pride ourselves in carrying the best quality jewelry and accessories.
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videosample 01 $320.00
Reiki Cuff Bracelet

Carmen Eliam handmade cuff bracelet called "Vibrations" is made of meters of meters copper wire.

videosample 01 $56.00
Reiki Earrings

Classy reiki handmade boules earrings copper wire with lavender glass beads. Reiki promotes bal...

videosample 01 $360.00
Blue Bird Necklace

Brown copper wire and turquoise beads necklace. -Turquoise promotes self-realisation and assist...

videosample 01 $68.00
Blue Bird Earrings

Handmade brown copper wire ring with turquoise beads. -Turquoise is a purification stone-

videosample 01 $320.00
Grillage Cuff Bracelet

Chic grillage cuff bracelet is made of eco-friendly red copper wire. This cuff bracelet is Carmen...

videosample 01 $60.00
Reiki Ring

Beautiful and perfect copper wire handmade fleur ring for all seasons, this ring is designed with...

videosample 01 $68.00
Revelations Earrings

This funky, chic and jazzy handmade chiffon earrings is the fusion of copper wire and blue sea be...

videosample 01 $340.00
Reiki Necklace

Elegante, bold and twisted handmade copper wire Reiki necklace represents the universal energy. ...

videosample 01 $116.00
Revelations Ring

A contemporary, bold, elegant cabochon handemade copper wire ring with blue sea beads

videosample 01 $360.00
Grillage Necklace

Hibiscus handmade necklace is part of the Carmen Eliam jewelry Grillage collection. Made of vibra...

videosample 01 $68.00
Grillage Earrings

This unique, bold handmade chiffon earrings is part of Carmen Eliam Grillage collection. Made of...

videosample 01 $320.00
Blue Bird Cuff Bracelet

The marriage of the brown copper and blue turquoise beads gives to the cuff bracelet his uniquene...

videosample 01 $116.00
Grillage Ring

For a rendez-vous-galant, cocktail party or an elegant dinner, this bold, eco-rich and handmade c...

videosample 01 $100.00
Blue Bird Ring

Clafoutis of turquoise beads with brown copper wire handmade ring. -Turquoise aids in the absorp...

videosample 01 $520.00
Revelations Necklace

This exclusive handmade necklace is part of Carmen Eliam's haute couture collection, and it is de...

videosample 01 $320.00
Revelations Cuff Bracelet

This unique bold and twist tortillons handemade copper wire cuff bracelet represents for Carmen ...

Blue Bird Collection
Blue Bird Collection

This marriage of brown copper wire necklace, ring, cuff bracelet and earrings with blue turquoise...

Grillage Collection
Grillage Collection

Carmen Eliam Jewelry Grillage's collection represents passion, fusion, infusion and metissage of...

Reiki  Collection
Reiki Collection

This Reiki collection represents the vital life force.

Revelations Collection
Revelations Collection

Exclusive and stunning ladies copper wire and Ivorian blue trade beads handmade collection inspir...

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