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Location: Salt Lake City, Utah,United States
Opened on: March 18, 2014
Our mission: Protect every naked DSLR camera in the world. Camera Coats are... SMART. Never regret not having your DSLR camera with you! Camera Coat are the best new way to protect your camera without having to carry around bulky camera bag. These smart camera covers slip right over your camera so that it is protected whether its around your neck, in your purse, or your carry on bag. HIP. With a variety of weatherproof styles to choose from you can be sure that you and your camera will both be happy. TRAVEL FRIENDLY. Ideal for traveling...whether you are heading to Europe or the local zoo. Now you can simply throw your camera into your bag and off you go! USA QUALITY MADE. Each of our products is made with designer fabrics, plush padding, and are handmade here in the USA. DOING GOOD. When you purchase a Camera Coat or camera strap from us you are also benefiting local adults with disabilities in our community who package and ship our products.
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